02. 06 – 03. 06 2018

+421 313 262 000

Challenge Family is a global series of triathlon events, with 44 races run in 26 different countries. The championship presents a new standard in international triathlon. The first edition of this incredible event featured an impressive line-up, live stream, overall execution and positive feedback that proved x-bionic® sphere to be the right venue for the next three years of The Championship. Besides the main triathlon event, for which triathletes have to qualify, comprises a 1.9-kilometre swim, a 90-kilometre bike ride and a 21.1-kilometre run.


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Lionel Sanders, Canada - triathlete, 2017 World Champion at The Championship

"The race took place at a facility called x-bionic® sphere. It was probably the most amazing place I have ever been to."

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